Episode 3. Angelo “King Kong” Mosca, Greatest Heel of All-Time (Part 2)

By 1963, Angelo Mosca had already established himself as one of the Canadian Football League’s premier defensive lineman and was gaining ever-greater popularity in some of Canada’s regional wrestling associations. But thanks to a single play in that year’s Grey Cup championship game, Mosca ascended to new heights (or perhaps descended to new depths) as one all-time classic heel – and 48 years later, the star of the most popular CFL-related video on YouTube…

In this second part of our two-part episode on Angelo Mosca, Truly the GOATs host Os Davis is again joined by CFL podcasters Travis Currah (2 And Out) and Josh Smith (Podskee Wee Wee) to tell the story of one classic bad guy – not to mention one classic badass.

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