The Truly The GOATs MLB All-Defense Team (statistically)

A couple of weeks ago, the question was posed on Twitter: What’s your all-time all-defensive infield? In response, Truly the GOATs assembled such a list with the help of the miraculous

A further extension to include the outfield results in quite an interesting lineup, indeed.

Before scrolling down, take a guess. Some positions are filled by pretty much who you figure – the names in the 2B, SS, 3B and RF spots will shock no one, but if anyone guesses who’s on first for the GOAT defensive team, well, Truly the GOATs tips our collective cap to you.
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the GOATs Hall of Fame

The Truly the GOATs Sports Hall of Fame is certainly among the world’s most exclusive. Nominees are drawn from over 4,000 years of history and the annals of every organized sport humans play/played.

Inductees must meet the following criteria:

  1. Excellence in two or more sports at top levels of competition or complete domination of a single sport at once-in-a-century proportions;
  2. Achievement of international or at least national fame through sports achievement; and
  3. Lasting historical status.

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